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I think I need to dedicate most of my time to studying religion even more than I have. See, I’ve realized that although I thought I was being open minded by studying religions before ever deciding to follow it, I was being just as foolish as the next. I was being close minded and disconnected by only studying major religions, mostly in the united states. Most relgions can be related to eachother in some way whether its a detail, or a big part of the story.

I think the key word here is deciding. I don’t know if I can really explain it yet, but it inspired the thought. A lot of these different religions have the same thing, a God. Or an idol who represents love or even anything else that has its community in its best intrest. The details are different and that’s really all I see. So you’re deciding what details make more sense to YOU. I think religon is a perspective. A philisophical theory if you will. Almost fairy tail. You’ll believe in the burning bush but not that god could have once had unicorns walking around (in the old testament btw).

I think that if everyone took the important part out of religon the world will see peace. If I’ve gotten anything out of religon, personally, id say its;

-There is a God. Who is good to us but is different for us all. But he is the same being because god is everything we need as human beings. He’s the sun, the moon, the stars, the air, emotion, love…everything. He’s our creater. We as humans will never understand what exactly he is other than god. And to say you understand his plan and his ideas you’re belittling him. God gave us free will. We are to blame for our speration as humans. I do not think this is how god intended it. No we don’t have to all live together and that stuff but I believe we are meant to love and help eachother. If you are not a christian good for you, if you are, good for you. Doesn’t matter. Dont care. To deny Jesus Christ teachings, you are a fool. Whether he was a real man or not, you can learn from his story. If one man can sacrafice is life, his very SOUL to save humanity, no one he even knows, then us everyday people can help our neighbors. Jesus taught to never condemn a person because they have gone down the wrong path because they are being drug down that path. Jesus hungout with the sinners. A woman dear to me always says church is for sinners. Its a hospital for the broken. For souls. Although a lot of people will deny that but humans are humans and curroption is everywhere. Anyone can become a self serving asshole. Trust me, I’ve been in plenty of churches that took me in, I was just a stoned little goth kid, nothing like anyone there but they saw troubles in me. They knew someone like me walking into a church was a cry for help. (Not needing help because I was stoned or goth, I’ve had a rough life, that’s another story though) Ive seen more churches diseased with corruption. You have to look and find, not a whole lot comes easy in life. (Just to clarify, I am not a christain just tryng to broaden a perspective or two)

I am under edjucated and 18 yrs old. I would love to be informed. Excuse my grammar errors, just typed this on my nook and changing stuff is a pain and I’m lazy. But please talk to me.

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dragons are mentioned in almost all cultures all across the world even before they had interaction with each other and you’re telling me they didn’t exist